Saturday, August 27, 2011


     Found some old pics of a gargoyle I did years ago for confrontation. I'm not sure which brand of paint I used at the time but it looks to be pretty straight forward in style.
     Base coat then wash then drybrush. I do remember trying to add a "magic like" effect with the green where he is coming out of the pillar. Never did finish this guy, didn't even start to base him yet. Oh and his wing broke off and was re-glued on explaining the gap between body and wing. Anyway, I posted this picture because I am excited that someone picked up the license to make Rackham models again. What a fantastic line they used to have.
     When I was getting into confrontation I collected up a fair amount of undead of Acheron and alchemists of dirz models. I drifted out of the hobby for a bit and when I came back to it I was surprised to hear that rackham went out of business. I thought at the time they had one of the best product lines out there. As it turns out they switched from pewter models to plastic pre-painted models. WOW. How could you do that rackham? Anyway, I'm sure they had their reasons, too bad it didn't work out for them. To the new owners of their back catalog; start pumping out some models! That company would be Legacy Miniatures by the way. I applaud you. 22H2YFJ6X7CP

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