Monday, May 14, 2012

Leman Russ Executioner

My Leman Russ Executioner is finally complete. Not much different from the Demolisher, I was able to paint these both at the same time. This one just had a few more details and extra bits to paint. I may try to clean the plasma coils up a bit still but not really sure what to do with them. The only other thing I have planned for these Leman Russes is to sink a magnet down in the hatch and paint up some gunners and tank commanders. I have one of each from the Death Korps of Krieg line but I would like to have two gunners as I think it would look better. Well that's it for now. 

Friday, May 11, 2012

Leman Russ Demolisher

Well I've finally finished my Leman Russ Demolisher! Not a whole lot of difference from the last post just a lot of dirt and a few details. The lenses are proving to be quite a challenge for me, I think I need to look up a few good methods for painting them and try something new. The dirt was a pain to do this time and I suspect as soon as I spray some varnish on it the light parts will darken quite a bit. It's too bad, I like the dried dirt/dust look.
Pretty soon I'll finish the Leman Russ Executioner to go with this one. That will make three finished models for my Death Korps of Krieg army! For a slow painter such as myself, that is something to celebrate.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Leman Russ Demolisher WIP

Here is my Leman Russ Demolisher tank for my Death Korps of Krieg army. I am almost done with it, just need some finishing touches and some weathering powder 'dirt'. Shortly after this photo I realized the decals were too clean and fresh looking so I weathered them up a bit. I will need to do the lenses on the peep-holes and lights too. Other than that it's just about there. Well hopefully I can finish before the weekend.