Friday, December 16, 2011

Darragh Wrathe

Well it's only been a few days since my last post but I just couldn't wait any longer. This model comes in two parts; one is a mounted version of the character the other is a dismounted version. The idea is that once he "dies" he becomes a dismounted version of himself, basically giving him two lives. He seems pretty useful as well, I just haven't used him enough to review him. On to the painting aspect! The whole reason for getting this model is how cool it looks. The mounted part at least. I think the dismounted version is a bit lacking, and the pose is not really to my liking. I painted this guy for the journeymen league though and since I was stretched for time I opted to not convert him. I do like the way he turned out after painting though. The toxic water effect on his base turned out to be one of my better blending jobs too. Perhaps a few more coats of gloss over the surface would do nicely.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dark Angels

So I went on vacation very recently and one of the places I visited was the first game store I used to buy miniatures at. I also visited some friends who still paint minis themselves, which got me to thinking about my old space marines from the 90's. Here is the extent of what I had painted, back when green flock was cool. Man these things are dusty and old. Anyway this is for those of you who recognize these guys.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Bane Thralls and Bane Lord Tartarus

 Well I've waited a while to post these up. Now that I have a complete set of photos, here they are. The Bane Thralls seem to be one of the most powerful units in the Cryx faction and the game of Warmachine itself. They are beastly in close combat and they have a couple of things that help them get there quickly and unscathed.
Model wise I'm liking how they turned out however, I'm just not 100% done with them yet. Seems to be the case with all of these models that after pictures I decide to highlight them a little further. The standard bearer also needs a design or something on his standard. Just not sure what to put. There are a few symbols in the Cryx book that would work, if anyone reading this knows the symbols I'm talking about, I could use a suggestion or two. Another thing I'm considering is using some Forge World rust weathering powder on the armor in very small amounts to add some depth. And it might break up their flat dark look. That would take a test model that might get ruined in the process so maybe I won't. At any rate these guys have been quite a crutch for me in my last 10-15 games. It will be interesting to start playing without them again.