Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Pistol Wraith

     Here we have one of the pistol wraith models for Cryx. I was hoping to paint up both versions for this post but I just never got around to ordering the other one. Perhaps it'll be one of the next models I order. That aside I think this to be the better of the two. I see that I could add more highlight to this guys clothing, other than that it was the fastest painted Cryx model yet. I think it took less than an hour. I have a pretty solid method for painting bone, the rest was just blacks and greys with some wood and metal. Very simple.
     I am considering adding some vegetation to my bases. The whole lifeless wasteland look is getting a little too drab. At first I thought it looked pretty nice but now when I look at it I just think it looks lazy. I have some "dead grass" static grass I'm considering using. Not sure if I should go with it since it is yellow, or maybe use some green static grass for a more slimy green sludge-type look. It might go better with the toxic pools I have on some of the other bases. Not really set on what to use yet and completely open to suggestions. Help me out here.