Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vicar of Dirz

Time for some fresh work! Here is a vicar for my Alchemists of Dirz collection. I finished him yesterday. I started off with a white primer then a citadel codex grey base coat on the cloth and citadel boltgun metal on the metal bits. From there I painted in the model color dark red on the tubes and model color cam. pale violet brown on the leather. I painted up the bone parts on the helmet using my preferred bone method detailed in a previous post. Three washes were added to different parts of the model; citadel badab black, citadel gryphonne sepia and citadel devlan mud. For highlights I used citadel mithril silver on the metal and citadel astronomican grey on the cloth. I watered down the greys quite a bit to try and layer the highlights up. For the goggles I went with the gem technique starting with model color prussian blue. The bottom highlight is model color andrea blue and the top a dot of citadel skull white. At this point the model was basically done but I wanted to add some weathering effects. I tried to age the metals using a heavily watered down wash of citadel tin bitz. I concentrated most of it on the cracks and bolts. It came out pretty light which is fine with me, I didn't want him to be covered in rust. I then drybrushed some model color US tan earth along the bottom of his robe to dirty it up a bit. For his base I went with desert sand and a bit of dead grass. I've recently ordered some weathering powders from forge world, so I may have to come back to this guy when those get here.

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