Monday, November 21, 2011

The Withershadow Combine

Well I've been resisting posting for a bit trying to get some more pictures taken but finding little time to do it. I thought I might be dry on material but came across these and realized I hadn't posted them up yet. I've still got quite a few painted pieces to post but waiting for other photos to do some pairings, example: Bane Thralls and Bane Lord Tartarus are waiting for pics of their unit attachment so I can post them all together.
Anyway, here is my Withershadow Combine. They have been painted using methods outlined in previous posts. I'm not entirely pleased with the way they look, they have an unfinished look to them and I believe it's because of the lack of contrast on their robes. I've also been very unsatisfied with my Krylon matte varnish, it seems to have quite a shine to it. I think I'll have to add these to the touch up and re-varnish list. I might think about adding some color to them too, just to bring a bit more "life" to them. Who knows, any suggestions are appreciated.

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