Monday, October 15, 2012

Trollblood Impaler Conversion

     Here is my Trollblood Impaler Conversion. I've used the same palate and techniques that were used on the Axer. The most exciting thing about this model in comparison was painting up the belly. I was trying to make the belly almost white in the very center of it. The picture does little justice to the model but when I hold it in my hand I am pleased with the way it turned out. Which brings me to the next project for me. I need to build a lightbox. I just can't seem to take good pictures, I've always got horrible glare from the varnish. Anyway, when I finish building it I may update a few photos, or just re-post them up.
     I am about half way through my next Impaler as I type this. Not sure what to work on after I finish, maybe a heavy beast or some solos. Not too sure if I want to tackle units just yet. At some point I will have to try and do up some plaid. Until then enjoy...

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