Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Earthborn Dire Troll

     My Earthborn Dire Troll is finally finished. I thought about doing Madrak next when I finished up the Impalers but decided to go with this guy instead. I wanted to see how my color scheme would turn out on a Dire Troll with very little clothing. So far I'm felling a bit mixed about how it turned out. It's not as "popping" as I would have liked but at the same time I tend to go for a dingy darker more realistic painting style. I wanted this guy to look like he was made from stone but had to make the stone he is standing on look different. I washed on some weathering powders to make the rocks filthy and added a fair amount of moss and leaves. I knew that the base would provide most of the color for this mini and I'm fine with that but I just get the felling of unfinished when I look at it. I also rushed the photo and forgot to add tall grass. May have to go back and put some on tomorrow.

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