Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fallschirmjäger 7.5cm Pak40 Anti-Tank Platoon

     I've started collecting 15mm WW2 minis. So far I have some Germans and some Americans. WW2 Americans are a little boring to look at with all the green, green endless green, so I decided to start out by painting up my Germans. I'll have to get to the Americans another time. Here is my Fallschirmjäger 7.5cm Pak40 Anti-Tank Platoon. My first attempt at 15mm and my first attempt at splinter pattern camouflage. The guns themselves were painted with a brush using stippling. I was going to airbrush but decided against it last minute. I'll use the airbrush for the vehicles instead.
     Another thing to note about this group is that they were all glued to the base first then painted. I did this on purpose just to see if I could paint them after basing. I have some infantry guys tacked to screw heads on a board as well. Testing out what it would be like to paint them first then base them. I'll make note of the "paint first" models when I finish them. But until that happens know that I had no real issue with basing first.
     I still need to paint up some 3-ton trucks and a field car for the command. When I finish them I'll try to take a photo of the whole group together. I may need to build that light-box I've been putting off before that happens though. Anyway here is my command squad below.


  1. Good looking fow miniatures, almost feel pitty i sold my falschrimjagers couple of months ago;-)

  2. Thanks, 15mm is quite a challenge for me.