Friday, April 27, 2012

Leman Russes WIP

I'm about at the half-point on these tanks so I figured it would be a nice time for some pictures! To continue my Death Korps of Krieg army I have started painting a Leman Russ Executioner and a Leman Russ Demolisher. These will be the only two heavy tanks for my army mainly because they are the only two I own. For my third heavy allocation as per the FOC I will be adding a Medusa artillery tank.
I am pretty excited about these tanks because Leman Russes are known to be really tough tanks that pack a serious punch in 40k. They also look really awesome. After the success of weathering my Hellhound I decided to jump to these next. I know I said I was going to paint more Cryx... I will, just not right now. I've had these sitting in a bag on a shelf for far too long and just couldn't hold back anymore. As far as finishing them, it will have to be one at a time, the oil paint phase takes so long that I can only bear to do one at a time. So hopefully my next post will be of one of these babies finished. Now, on to the decals....

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