Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mechanithralls and Brute Thrall

Well I recently started painting some Warmachine minis for the journeyman league. Warmachine / Hordes is brand new to me so I have a lot to paint. Anyhow, I started it off with a unit of six mechanithralls joined by a brute thrall.

 For primer I chose white thinking I would need lighter tones on the flesh. It worked well enough but the last four of these guys I do will be black primer. The reason for this is simply because I ran out of white primer. I  started my bile thralls with black and they look a little better so the last four mechanithralls will be very slightly different.
I started out by base coating the whole miniature. P3 thrall flesh, P3 cryx bane base, Citadel boltgun metal and Model Color dark red. I then mixed up a dark red glaze that I brushed over all of the sores and bits of flesh that connect to machinery. While the glaze was drying I washed the metal bits and tubing with Citadel badab black. I went back to the flesh with a wash of Citadel ogryn flesh. With washes and glazing done I went back over the raised metal bits with boltgun metal then a highlight of Citadel mithril silver. The flesh was gone back over with thrall flesh to even it out a bit. The tubing was highlighted with P3 cryx bane highlight. The eyes were filled with P3 necrotite green. The glowing effects on the brute thrall were done with necrotite green and Citadel skull white, I did this so many times trying to get the right effect on his fists that it just looks terrible now. The only thing I could really do would be strip the paint off and start over but I have other models to work on so maybe in the future.
Finally the bases were done to reflect the land these guys come from which I envision as a dark lifeless wasteland. Black charred earth with radioactive pools of nastiness, nothing grows there at all. So I went with Citadel chaos black base, highlighted with Citadel adeptus battlegrey and Citadel astronomican grey. The pool was wet blended with Citadel dark angel's green and Model Color ss. cam. bright green and Model Color lime green. After sealing them with matte varnish I painted on some Citadel gloss varnish to make it look wet and shiny.

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  1. Very helpful, thank you!
    -A new Cryx Player