Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Bloat Thrall

 Well here is the miniature that got me into Cryx. The Bloat Thrall, he has a cannon that shoots an area affecting blast of corrosive sludge, and he explodes when he dies.
I started off using black primer and base coating all the large areas. For the skin I used P3 thrall flesh, for the metal; Citadel boltgun metal and some P3 blighted gold. For the tubing P3 cryx bane base.
I began my washing phase by mixing up a red glaze using Model Color dark red. This glaze was added to the stitching areas and all the areas where flesh meets metal. After that I used Citadel ogryn flesh over the skin parts. The red glaze was visible enough after the ogryn flesh that I was happy with it and continued on.
 I washed the metallic parts with Citadel badab black and even put a tiny bit in the stitching just to give more definition to the details. I also washed over the tubing with badab black.
With all the major areas dry I started drybrushing and highlighting. The metals were highlighted/drybrushed with Citadel mithril silver and Citadel burnished gold respectively. The flesh was brushed with thrall flesh to reclaim some of the raised spots and the stitches highlighted with Model Color germ. ww2 beige camouflage. The green goo was wet blended using Model Color ss. cam. bright green and Model Color lime green. The base was lightly brushed with Citadel adeptus battlegrey and Citadel astronomican grey. The model was finished with Krylon matte finish and then Citadel gloss varnish was painted onto the goo.
Overall it was a really quick and easy model to paint. Most of the surfaces lack detail and are very easy to get to with a brush. The only tricky part was painting his underside before fixing him to the base. On the subject of his base, I had to drill a few holes where the ends of his legs were going to be so they would set into them. This model is all metal and pretty heavy so unless you are fixing him to a terrain piece you might need to find a way to strengthen his contact points. So far the little holes I drilled have worked without incident.

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