Friday, March 23, 2012

Imperial Guard Hellhound

That's right, it's not a Cryx mini for once, hehe. I've been drooling over the Forge World Model Masterclass vol 1 for quite a while now. I have a small Death Korps of Krieg army that I have collected over the last year simply because of how cool the models look. I haven't played Warhammer 40k in many years, but I am still a fan. Anyway I've decided to jump in and start painting some of my tanks. These are just the beginning stages here so don't expect to see anything too fancy. Also, I got an airbrush for Christmas last year and the weather is finally starting to warm up enough to go out on the patio and use it.

When I first got my airbrush I took this tank outside and sprayed it Codex Grey, then took some masking tape and created a striped camo pattern. I mixed up some Codex Grey with Adeptus Battlegrey and sprayed the stripes. Shortly after that I began work on the tracks, just Chaos Black with some Boltgun Metal lightly brushed over it. The black marks on the lighter grey parts were from the tape when I removed it. I didn't feel the need to clean it up since I will be taking a sponge to it next and adding some 'chipped paint' effects.

In these last three pics you can see that I've chipped up the paint a bit. I've also sprayed a few colors on; Fortress Grey over some of the Codex Grey areas to diffuse it a bit, Kommando Khaki around some panels and tracks to filth it up a bit, and finally some Chaos Black to add some more shading/depth. This is where it's at right now, I still have to go back to base coating and finish up some of the extras; guns, eagles, skullwing things. After I finish base coating all of the parts I am going to spray it with varnish and put some decals on it, then it's all about shading with oil paints. It's a pretty exciting piece for me since I am using a lot of new techniques and tools.
I'm still focusing on my Cryx army until Lock and Load comes but maybe I can sneak this guy in during the next few months. More to come.

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