Friday, March 22, 2013

Madrak Ironhide World Ender

     Madrak Ironhide World Ender finally done! I actually finished him up last Sunday morning just didn't have time to take photos. I am pretty pleased with how this model came out. I wanted him to look pretty "kingly" and I think the gold symbols on his armor help achieve that effect pretty well. The two things that bothered me about this miniature however are the stance and the lack of gems. I think his original pose is ridiculous so I had to make him coming down a hill in an epic swing of his axe. As for the lack of gems, well it didn't get my attention until far into the painting process. I began to think of how much nicer the model would have been with a couple well placed rubies. If I did this model again I would try to putty some gems on his axe head in the center, and one on the lower flap of his frontal armor. But there are so many models to paint I can safely say I'll not be doing this one again, unless something bad happens to this one.

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