Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Dark Vengeance part 1

     Hello all, it's been a while since my last post, but I'm still here. Just busy with life, leaving very little time for the hobby. A couple of weeks ago my pre-ordered Dark Vengeance Limited box set arrived at my local GW store. I finally found the time to pick it up last Saturday. From all the reviews I've seen I knew the models would be pretty nice and after opening it up I think nice is a bit of an understatement. The models are fantastic! So here is my quick unboxing review on the set and after I assemble, clean and primer I'll hopefully find time to update again. Then perhaps I'll paint them, even though I haven't touched my Trollbloods yet. :(
 Here is the box cover
 The box contents together.
 The reason most people are interested in this box; super thin rulebook.
 All of the basics for a game of 40k, rulers, dice (with scatter die) and blast templates. Also pictured are the bases for the miniatures.
 The miniature sprues! I won't go into detail since there are many reviews out there already. You get four sprues for the regular Dark Vengeance and one extra little sprue for the limited edition.
 The limited edition model. Very worth it in my opinion. This model like all of the models in this box is cast at a very high quality of detail.
 The paperwork! You get a fancy small rulebook, a quick start guide, an assembly guide, a couple reference sheets and a special rules card for the limited edition model.
     Well that concludes my 'unboxing.' I believe most of the models are snap fit, so assembly should be a piece of cake. Just sifting through the sprues I can also tell that there are very few mold lines and so far no mis-cast parts that I can see. This is quite a high quality set, I am impressed.

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