Monday, July 30, 2012

Pirate Queen Skarre

     Well here is my Pirate Queen Skarre. Skarre is one of the latest Cryx casters for me to try out and I must say she is becoming a favorite. With the ability to have massive amounts of focus she can run jacks well, camp really well, cast her army wide buff or just get the job done herself by buying attacks and "double boosting" damage with her sword. On feat turn with a good ritual sacrifice she can manage extreme armor values, add to that high defense and speed and she can get where she needs to go without worry. I think I may even try to write up a spotlight on her with tactics and some ideas for my next post.
     As for the photo... I seem to under-highlight all of my models. I seem to loose a bit of my highlighting in the varnishing phase as well. Not sure if it's the varnish itself (Krylon matte) or if it's all varnishes that give that effect. I think I will have to force myself to just pick up a model and over highlight the hell out of it just to see how it turns out. The photo seems to be greyed out due to the fail light-box as well. I was waiting for a while to take another picture but the weather here and my work schedule just don't cooperate. So for now we settle with an under-highlighted greyed out Pirate Queen Skarre :( . In other news there is a painting class coming up with Meg Maples over at Card Kingdom. I am very interested in this style of class, you get handed a model and she walks you through a bunch of techniques until the model is done. You are supposed to learn quite a bit, and it's just so tempting. But the hard to justify expense of $100 per person is just to high. There is no way I can bring myself to shell out that much for a painting lesson, think of how many more miniatures I could have for that money! Anyway, maybe they will lower the price in the future or perhaps when I get rich I'll finally check it out. Now about that tactics article...
edit: that went rather quickly here is the tactics article:

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